The Stories


SHANNON & JASON (Chattanooga, TN) have been married for several years and have two children. They met while they 

working as teachers at a public school in Tennessee. Jason grew up in a religious family. He says it was his faith that helped him forgive his wife and stay married when she admitted to three affairs in three months. Both say it was their faith in God that helped them stay married. 

CARA & MONTAGUE (Chattanooga, TN) have been married for several years and are raising five children together. They each have college degrees and work full-time. Cara is the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization that assists single moms in college. Montague is a police officer. Because of their busy work schedules and the demands of raising children, their marriage is often challenging. However, they have taken divorce off the table no matter what.

NATHAN (Chattanooga, TN) recently gained custody of a 4-year-old daughter he did not know he had. His life already had challenges after dropping out of high school. He receives government assistance for housing and is unemployed du to health issues. Nathan represents a growing number of working-age men without college degrees who are not working. 

STEVEN (Reno, NV) used to be homeless and does not have a college degree. Despite his obstacles, his full-time job brings him a sense of purpose and happiness. He and his girlfriend had a child together before marriage but they're trying to make things work.

CHANDRA (Reno, NV) has tried to make things work in life and even attended college for a while. But now she has four kids with four fathers and has never been married. That family instability has created challenges for her, especially when it comes to work. It is difficult to have more than a part-time job with young children in the home.